Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weed Killer or not?

NOT! My DH offers to help IF he can use weed killers to get rid of the weeds. I said I'd do it myself. I refuse to use weed killers in my yard no matter how "safe" they say it is. Roundup is supposedly safe to use and biodegradable. I've found research that suggests it may not be as safe as claimed. Whatever the verdict is, I prefer to keep my children and the environment safe.

Click here for an article from Scientific American about Roundup.

Yes, my yard has lots of weeds, and I'll get to them a little bit at a time. But I have a plan to keep the weeds down to a minimum. Yes, it'll be tons of work. Yes, it'll take lots of time. And Yes, it'll have to be done slowly, one baby step at a time. My yard might NEVER get completed, but my family will be living in a non-toxic environment.

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