Saturday, April 25, 2009

not much got done...

Well, a sick child meant not much outdoor time for me this week. DS was sick and home from school all week, which meant not much time for me to get anything done outside... or inside. I barely got the errands done. He's finally better though, so I hope to get out in the yard next week. Probably spend a couple hours one morning unless more work comes in.

I sent DD outside today to weed and trim our little flower garden in the front yard, so at least a little bit of neatening up got done. I will fertilize next week... I didn't put in fertilizer when we planted... shucks... we were too excited about getting them planted.

I also found this inspiration for a neat little patio feature... I did something similar, but I wanted to redo the backyard pavers. This is really nice and will probably be incorporated into the design. Not sure how I'll do it... hmmm..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I found this wonderful idea for a dry spot in my garden... a tropical reef made with echeverias... You can find them at this website:

Hybrid Echeverias

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fishtails GONE!

But the spot looks so barren and ugly now. Of course, I have lots of work to finish it up yet, so I don't feel bad. I spent another couple hours yesterday to clean it out since I did hardly any gardening this past week.

It will improve... then there will be nicer pics. Over the next week, I will plan and start transforming the front yard. It's a big job so I might only tackle it once a week for a few hours on my "day off."

In the meantime, Here's some inspiration I found...

Slide show for the sidewalk planter aka Hell garden.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Plans... but I need more ideas!!!

I finally drew out a simple plan for the front area of our home. Roses, flowers, and I don't know.... I need inspiration and ideas. Guess my evenings will be spent searching for inspiration. Here's the front yard plan so far. Not much, but it's a small space. I don't know if all these things will grow, but we've had some luck with the flowers the kids planted. THey're still alive and blooming. I think they need to be fertilized though.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Clearing out the fishtail fern

I didn't do much during the week, but I did spend today working hard in the yard for a couple hours. I cleaned up the weeds along the wall and started clearing out the fishtail fern. It's so overgrown and was difficult to pull out, but progress has been made. I'll continue to keep working this week. I really want to finish planting those arecas soon.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back to work...

Okay break time is over and I really should keep up with my outdoor chores. The kids are back in school so I can resume my regular 20 minutes/day schedule. This week, I'll work on zones 1 and 2. Mostly just keeping things neatened up, but I'd like to have the area by the wall ready to plant an areca palm or two this weekend. It would be nice to have some shade and something nice to look at by the front window. This is the mess we see now...And the afternoon sun shines right into the front room making it HOT! No one enjoys working on LEGO projects at that hour.... A few areca palms along the wall to filter the sunlight would make the view from this room much nicer.