Saturday, January 22, 2011

Back yard update

Yes, I have been OCCASIONALLY working in my yard.  Not really following the schedule I've set up, y'know, those zones?  But things are slowly starting to take shape.

I rebuilt my backyard circular patio as it kinda got buried, and started adding a little herb garden.  We have a small strawberry patch that is slowly growing in, and I planted a few more ti-leaf plants.

The front yard is more or less set up for planting now.  I finally finished building the borders and will eventually get to setting in the pavers on the grass steps.  The planting area is only dirt right now, so no pics at this time.  I'm thinking of putting in my poinsettia plants.  I bought a bunch for my mom when it was $0.85 at Lowe's.  She gave most of them back after Christmas.   Pic coming eventually....