Thursday, June 9, 2011

Backyard Update

The patio is ready for summer break.  We could dine outside, it's so nice... except I can't figure out where the cats have laid their bombs this time...I think it's in the neighbor's planters.  I should plan a grill-out soon.  It'll force me to keep it clean and get me working on that table cover I plan to make.  It'll be done by the next post!  LOL

Anyway, the yard is coming along very slowly, but my tiny strawberry patch is finally planted, mulched and covered with the remains of my bunny cage to keep the birds out.  I'm still working on getting my raised bed garden in there somewhere, it's getting a little late I know... but our growing season doesn't really end.  I have my seedlings planted so that raised bed will have to be put in very soon.  Hopefully it will be in this weekend.  I still need to remove more grass (which I would've just done it the easy way, place the raised bed directly on it and cover the grass with newspaper before filling), but my sister is replacing her yard with the same kind of grass I have.  So I've been digging it up and bagging it for her.  Whew... so much work.

I have a few pallets sitting around in my backyard and need a trellis or fence that is non-permanent. I tried taking them apart rather unsuccessfully.  Guess I'll use them whole. So I'm thinking I'll make kind of a barrier/trellis, mostly because  I want to grow some pakalana and stephanosis on it.  I'm planning on making a lei garden too, with those flowers, some ferns, and more pikaki.  Maybe some roses too.  I really love lavender roses.  Here's a photo of a lei I'd like to be able to give my daughter when she graduates...

 Pikaki wraped with pakalana lei - wonderfully fragrant!

It grows great at my mom's house and would be perfect for lei making.  Hopefully there will be flowers by 2013, when my daughter graduates high school.