Thursday, July 23, 2009

I had some time and helpers!

We worked in the backyard today and cleaned up the patio. My helpers stayed for maybe 40 minutes before they gave up and went inside. It was hot and humid, but now we can walk around the table and it's finally clean enough to enjoy a meal out there again. In the background, you can see my ferns have gotten huge, the blue gingers are looking straggly, and the ti leaf and crotons need to be trimmed down. I hate just throwing away good plants, so I'll have to make cuttings. Which means I need a place to keep my babies while they root. SIGH>>>> I make so much work for myself.

Eventually, I want to make a grill cover, but that will have to wait till I finish some curtains for my home. Anyway, I think we will plan a family dinner outside this weekend.

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