Friday, February 13, 2009

15 minutes x3

I recruited help from the children, so our 15 minutes session was actually about 45 minutes of work! WOW! It made a big difference... We got most of the weeds out, and started in on trimming the pikaki plants. But time was up so we quit.

No Pictures till the end of the week. Tomorrow, we will trim more pikaki plants and pull a few more weeds. THEN it'll be picture time again!

While cleaning up, I was thinking about what we need to purchase to help make our work go a little easier. And I think we will get one of those water hose winder upper thingies. And maybe a new hose. I'll see how it works out first. As of right now, the water hose just sit out on the grass or is piled up on the sidewalk. JUNK! ICK! And so unsightly.

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