Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Front yard update

 So I finally got some plants in.  It took a while to get it together and I had made cuttings of gardenia and lavender to add to the yard.  Some of them were finally big enough to plant this weekend, but I'm waiting for several others to grow a little stronger.  Here's what it looks like today...

I left a spot to plant a hydrangea or some kind of larger bush.  And one of my daylilies seems to be taking a long to time adjust.  It looks like it's growing new leaves, but it's very slow. The pentas grow well, my variegated ti leaf plant looks as though it's doing okay (might need a little shade) and my fairy lily bulbs are thriving.   The calla is doing well, and I'm thinking of taking cuttings of the sage plant.  It grows in a nice mound and looks really nice.  Eventually (probably around halloween) I'll add a few solar lights.   I still have to work on the other side of the entry steps, just started adding a couple plants the other day.  But I did put in a hydrangea and it appears to be growing well.  I guess the water sprinkler works miracles for a dry front yard.  

My son had placed his science project from summer school in the yard... a small milk carton with a lettuce seed in it.  It grew beautifully and we ate for dinner last night.  So as per his request, we will plant more in small pots and grow some veggies there.  Our community association doesn't allow vegetable gardens in the front, but I'm going to try and work around it.  We'll place the pots in empty areas and they'll be more like "ground cover" plants.  It looks lots nicer than the weeds and dirt we just cleaned up...

Yesterday, I spent my morning working on cleaning up and placing some pavers along the edge of my backyard.  The wild area is full of weeds that keep growing into my yard and I'm hoping the edge of pavers will help prevent the weeds from invading our yard.  I'm planning on adding a light weight fence, or row of simple trellis' (removable, just in case the property owners in the back area don't approve) and growing pakalana vines for lei making.  I considered doing stephanotis (I love those), but the vine is very heavy.  I'd need a heavier fence for that...


  1. A couple of edible plants that have decorative twins are:
    1. There is a decorative sweet potato vine, but the real thing grows just as well. The leaves are nutritious in a stir-fry.
    2. There is a decorative kale, but who's to say you can't plant the real thing?

  2. I think I planted a pot with a few kale seeds in it, but I'll have to look into sweet potato too. I didn't know you could eat the greens.. Thanks Mary.