Monday, March 9, 2009

Zone 3: Side yards

Before pictures of Zone 3

They grow so lush and beautiful! A little too lush. The two sides are regenerating themselves much too quickly! This is a view of our ferns, herb garden and ti leaf garden from the back yard. It's a total mess... including the back porch. No pic of that, but you can tell it's overflowing into the sidewalks. I really need a place for the tools.

And on the other side, here's the red ginger strip, filled with fishtail ferns, smaller ferns, and beautiful red gingers. This is what we'll be working on cleaning up for a couple days. I think I can spend a good 20 minutes in the yard now that work has slowed down.

Tasks for this area will be to trim gingers, cut grass (I had to get the backyard cut already since the children wanted to play in it), weed out the fishtail fern (maybe repotting some), and getting rid of the bunny pen. I probably won't get to all those jobs before the week is up, but any progress is better than none. If I keep neglecting the yard, it'll take over and our house will disappear in the mess.

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